Wikipedia Receives a Major Design Overhaul

Have you been using Wikipedia’s new beta design that has been around for months now? What do you think of it?

Regardless of whether or not you are participating in the beta, notice anything different today? Wikipedia, Wikinews, and Wikimedia Commons have had their major design overhaul pushed out of beta to all users today.

Wikipedia New Design

Overview of the new Wikipedia design

The top and sidebar navigation options have been rearranged.  At the top, the Read, Edit, and View History buttons sit on the right leaving only the Article and Discussion on the left. Previously, all buttons were on the left.

The editing toolbar has been greatly redesigned and changed. The new changes make formatting text easier. The new toolbar has 3 expandable sections: Advanced, Special Characters, and Help.

Wikipedia Edit Advanced

Advanced Editing Tools

Special Characters

Easily insert special characters without remembering any key combinations

Editing Help

Don't understand what all the random characters in the editing box are? Editing help is now integrated into the toolbar.

A button on the far right side of the advanced editing toolbar provides a find and replace feature.

Search and Replace

Search and Replace

Don’t like using the brackets to add links? Confused by how to create links to other Wikipedia articles? The new linking feature is here to help.

Insert Link

Easily insert links into Wikipedia

Need to add tables? Not sure how to do so? The new Table Creation wizard could help.

Table Wizard

Easily create tables

And last but not least, we have a redesigned Wikipedia logo. The logo features a slightly modified puzzle globe as well as the text underneath using the Linux Libertine open source typeface instead of Hoefler. Learn more here.

Wikipedia Logo v2

Wikipedia Logo v2

Do you frequently browse on Wikipedia? What do you think of the redesign? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Wikipedia – New Features

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  • Creastery

    I love the new Wikipedia Design. Kinda more familar with it too. :)