What Happened with Fred’s YouTube Subscribers?

Fred Figglehorn is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube. There seems to be a strange bug with his channel which currently says he has 246 subscribers.

Fred Subscribers

Fred only has 246 subscribers?

The Top Subscribed Channels list still has the correct counts though.

YouTube Top Subscribed

Top Subscribed Users on YouTube. Notice Fred's count is correct here.

This isn’t the first time something weird happens on YouTube, so I’m sure this is just a temporary error and should be fixed shortly.

Are you noticing his as well? Have you seen this bug on YouTube before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Update (8/25 6:49 pm EST): YouTube seems to have fixed this. According to our readers and commenters, some users managed to hack the subscriber counts to either drastically increase it or in this case, drastically decrease it.

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  • freg

    4chan rockz!

  • Anon


  • Japie

    Some guys found a way to remove subscribers, and they did that with Fred, Justin Bieber and Shane. Youtube reverted it though. Those guys also found way to add subscribers, so you might see some images of people having 99mill subscribers.

    • http://www.techairlines.com Brian

      Thanks for this information. I added some of it as an update to this post.

  • int

    He got hacked… happened to IrateGamer too.

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/uulkk

    • http://www.techairlines.com Brian

      Thanks for the info! Seems to be fixed for now.

      I never seen any of this before. 99,999,529 subscribers… Wow

    • Anonymous

      You are an a fool, talking out of your ass. Go back to your middle school. He wasn’t hacked.

  • Anonymous

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not Forgive.
    We do not Forget.