How to Automatically Fade the Windows Taskbar

Do you find the Windows Taskbar distracting? It is a crucial and useful part of Windows, but sometimes all the icons can become distracting. You can use the built-in Auto-Hide feature but that can become annoying with the taskbar moving up and down whenever your cursor moves towards the edge. In addition, when the taskbar is hidden, you can’t see what applications you have open.

With a tool called FadeTaskbar, the taskbar can be set to fade and become more transparent whenever it is not active. This allows you to make it less distracting as well as see your full wallpaper on the desktop, while still having a faint view of the application and notification area/tray icons.

Simply download the RAR, extract the single EXE file (you can use a utility like the previously mentioned 7-Zip), and run.

Faded Taskbar

Notice the faded taskbar at the bottom

If you hover over the taskbar, it will return to its normal view. Right clicking on the FadeTaskbar tray icon gives the option to set the fade opacity.

Faded Taskbar Settings

Faded Taskbar Options - Also notice the taskbar comes back into normal view when the mouse hovers over it.

What do you think of FadeTaskbar? Share with us in the comments.

FadeTaskbar works with Windows XP and newer.

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  • Grant

    Never heard of this tool before, but surely looks like an handy tool to me, i have my taskbar always overloaded, i am sure it will be good for me. I am waiting for more reviews on it..

  • Robert Van Kurt

    This is really a clever thing to do, because sometimes the taskbar is really annoying me too!

  • Garry Condo

    That’s awesome. I love the idea of getting the pesky taskbar to disappear from my desktop. Brilliant idea!

  • Χρήστος Σκρς

    doesnt work for programs :S only for taskbar.