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How to Find Twitter Users Not Following You Back

Are you using Twitter? Do you follow users who follow you to create a mutual follow? Many people and companies prefer to do this as it sometimes helps establish a connection with followers and also helps keep followers (and thus establishing “friends”).

A tool called Tweeter Karma can help easily identify who is following you back as well as unfollow everyone who isn’t.

Desktop Folder Background

How to Set a Custom Background in Windows Explorer

Are you a Windows user? Do you find the plain white background of Windows Explorer too boring? Want to add a bit of color to Windows Explorer or possibly even have a different color or background for each folder?

With a free utility called Windows 7 Folder Background Changer, you can.

Despite the name, the application works with both Windows Vista and Windows 7. In both systems, the program must be run as an administrator through the right click menu.

WhatFont Expanded

How to Easily Identify a Font Being Used on a Webpage

Have you ever been browsing a webpage that used a font that you wanted to use for yourself? Is digging through CSS or using the browser’s developer tools too complicated for you because, as the name implies, they’re for developers? If so, then here’s a way to easily find out the name of the font being used on a webpage in a second without having to know any code.

Remove Empty Directories

How to Easily Remove Empty Directories in Windows

Are you tired of having empty folders scattered throughout your hard drive? While these folders don’t do much harm as they don’t take up much space at all, they can become very annoying as they clutter up the parent directory and make it harder to find other files and folders.

However, finding them on your hard drive and then manually deleting them can be pretty difficult and time consuming. A free utility, RED, can help.

Comment Threads

How to View Threaded Comments on YouTube

Have you ever found a comment on YouTube that had the @ tag and then you tried to search for the original comment, but never found it? Comments on YouTube are sorted by time, which in some ways, makes sense, but when users start replying to other comments using the @ tag, it can become quite chaotic and keeping up with a conversation is just impossible.


How to Split Your Google Chrome Content Area into Multiple Tabs

Have you found an interesting website that you want to keep track of or constantly refer back to while browsing the web? Yesterday, we showed you how to split your content area into multiple tabs in Firefox so you can browse multiple sites at once. Today, let’s do the same, but in Google Chrome.

An extension called ChromeSplits should be able to do the job.

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