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Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Customizer

How to Customize the Windows 7 Explorer Left Navigation Pane

Are there shortcuts on the left navigation pane of Windows Explorer that you never use?

For example, I almost never click on Network or Homegroup and actually doing so often causes Explorer to freeze while it searches the network. It’s possible to customize individual items within Favorites and Libraries, but by default, its impossible to actually remove entire sections.

Here’s how to customize the shortcuts available.

HTML Message

How HTML Messages Can Give You Better Clicks Compared to Text Messages

There is an unnecessary and unending competition between messages created in plain text and those created in HTML, but it’s obvious that HTML created messages are more preferable over plain text messages. It goes without saying that HTML messages have undeniably attractive webpage layouts, are more track-able and more secure when presenting important documents such as financial statements.

Let’s take a closer look at what “edge” HTML messages have over plain text messages that if harnessed will greatly multiply your hits and conversions.

Expression Encoder 4

2 Free Windows Tools to Create Screencasts Without Watermarks

Do you need to record your Windows screen to create a tutorial or screencast? Can’t afford those premium fancy screen recorders? Need a simple free tool to record your screen without leaving random logos or watermarks on the output video?

There are lots of screen recorders out there, but unfortunately, most of them are not free and even when a free version is provided, watermarks are usually forced onto the video. Such watermarks make the video look unprofessional.

Here are 2 free tools that can help create your screencasts for free without watermarks.


QuickForget Sends Secure Online Messages with Expiration

Do you need to send someone a message online but don’t want it to be saved permanently somewhere (like their inbox)? Wouldn’t it be great to send a message that would self-destruct once its viewed? With, you can send anonymous self-destructing messages securely online. No account registration is required as this is all intended […]

Firefox Active Tab Color

3 Ways to Highlight Active Firefox Tab Without Add-ons

Are you using Firefox? Want to make the current active tab stand out from the rest? This is especially useful if you have lots of tabs of the same site open (same favicon).

This is easily done with extensions such as Tab Mix Plus, but suppose you don’t want to install another extension. Here are three methods to make the current tab stand out using the browser chrome stylesheet.

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