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Extending Battery Life of Smartphones

For the longest time it was the most irritating aspect of my smartphone. While I tried all the basic tips for conserving battery life, my Android smartphone still ate through a full battery in less than a day.

This became quite a pain during happy hour after work. I’d be down to around 10 percent, even if I didn’t use my smartphone much during the day. Worse, I wasn’t alone. That is, it wasn’t just me who was experiencing battery issues. Many smartphone users, whether Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone, have dealt with this.

Window on Top

How to Make Any Window Always Visible in Windows

Do you need to have an application window sit on top of other windows? For example, you can keep a calculator handy at all times. Regardless of what other window you switch to, this window will always be visible.

Some Windows applications, such as Task Manager, include such functionality, but most do not. For apps that do not, an app appropriately named Window on Top can help.


How to Quickly Type Common Phrases on Windows

Do you frequently find yourself typing the same things over and over? It can be annoying and time consuming to constantly type the same thing multiple times, especially if that phrase is one that you use very often.

AutoText is a feature found in Microsoft Office. It automatically changes a string of characters to a commonly used symbol or phrase. But what if you wanted this feature everywhere?

With PhraseExpress, you can abbreviate any phrase and have it automatically expand. This can be your name, a signature, a greeting, or anything you want.

Faded Taskbar

How to Automatically Fade the Windows Taskbar

Do you find the Windows Taskbar distracting? It is a crucial and useful part of Windows, but sometimes all the icons can become distracting. You can use the built-in Auto-Hide feature but that can become annoying with the taskbar moving up and down whenever your cursor moves towards the edge.

Here’s how to make the taskbar automatically fade and become more transparent.


3 Simple Ways to Do Everything Faster on a Mac

In the last few years, Apple’s Macintosh operating system has captured significant market share.

Propelled in part by the popularity of Apple’s ubiquitous iPhones and iPads, more people than ever are giving up their PCs in favor of the Mac platform. While the Mac’s biggest selling points account for why many make the switch – near-invincibility from viruses, fewer crashes, etc. – there are some basic Mac features that many long-time users may still not be aware of.

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