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ResLoad Notifier Options

How to Get Alerts When Your CPU Usage is High on Windows

Is your PC using too much CPU? Are you background processes randomly hogging up CPU, often at the worst times? Do you need something that will alert you when your CPU usage is high so you know before you start another CPU intensive application? Or perhaps you need to limit the CPU to save battery power?

A free utility called ResLoad Notifier from Sharp Mind Projects might be able to help with that.

Gmail Menu Before

How to Get the New Contacts Manager and Gmail Layout for Google Apps

Are you using Google Apps? Remember the revamped Contacts Manager and Gmail navigation sidebar that was introduced last summer? Google Apps customers were faced with disappointed when they found out that these features would not yet be available to them yet. Even though it was clear that many users hated the new layout, everyone eventually […]


KeepMeOut – Stop Internet Addiction and Be More Productive

Are you addicted to certain websites that limit your productivity? Whether its social networking, like Facebook, watching videos, like YouTube, or email, like Gmail, we all have websites that we check far too often and this is preventing us from being productive. We can tell ourselves to close the Facebook tab and don’t visit again […]


Google Chrome’s Omnibar in Firefox

Everyone knows about Google Chrome’s Omnibar, the all-in-one Search and Address Bar that’s part of Google Chrome’s minimalist design. It’s one of Google Chrome’s important features, and not to mention dead useful. The Omnibar allows you to search Google, along with various other sites, without having to actually go to (or the other site […]

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