TechAirlines is Now DoFollow

Update as of mid-2011:
Because of a significant increase in spam/malicious websites and pointless comments, the NoFollow tag is only removed for regular commenters. The exact number of comments you need to make before getting the tag removed is not publicly disclosed. Post useful comments regularly and the NoFollow tag will be removed from all your comments.

Want to earn some link love to help increase your Google rankings? I am pleased to announce that TechAirlines is now DoFollow, meaning that your comments no longer hold the default NoFollow tag for links.

Normally, the comment links would be something like:

<a href="" rel="external nofollow">Brian</a>

What does this mean?

The NoFollow tag tells search engine spiders, like Google, not to give these links any credit when ranking websites. It was originally designed to prevent search engines from following the links in blog comments, due to the amount of comment spamming.

By removing the NoFollow tag, the link in your comment name will have an effect on your search engine rankings.

Important Information

Comments are for sharing reactions and related information, not for advertising. Therefore, it is required that you comment with your name or nickname and not keywords.

We reserve the right to edit the commenter name if it is keywords to whatever name we want.

All comments are first passed through Akismet and then human moderated.

Pointless Comments

Pointless comments may be counted as spam. Pointless comments are those that don’t have any meaning and seem to be written simply for backlinks without even reading the actual post, a typical spammer bot behavior. Show that you actually read the post.

Top Commenters

We have also added a Top Commenters widget to the sidebar. This shows the gravatars and links of the top commenters in the last 60 days. Hovering over each Gravatar reveals their name and how many comments they made.


As always, we are using CommentLuv which adds a link to one of your recent blog posts to your comment. This link also has the nofollow attribute removed.


An example of CommentLuv

Please note that if I notice that you are taking advantage of this and leaving pointless comments just for the backlinks, your link may be added to our blacklist, which will add the nofollow attribute back. I also reserve the right to remove links to suspicious looking sites.

Happy Commenting and share the link love!

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Brian is the co-founder of TechAirlines. He is a developer currently focusing on mobile and web development. He is currently a sophomore at Stony Brook University, majoring in Computer Science.

  • John Kohl

    It’s nice to have blogs DoFollow and CommentLuv enabled, but I do agree that many people that see these types of blogs just spam it with some cheap blogging software in hopes for a backlink. Which, in my opinion, ruins the purpose of DoFollow and CommentLuv.

    • Brian Yang

      That’s very true, which is why here on TechAirlines, only those who have at least 3 published comments will have the nofollow tag removed.

  • iwebsnacks

    Thank you Brian, for create techairline a dofollow blog ..this will help new bloggers like me to create some landmark on internet..

  • Praveen

    Thank you bro for making TechAirlines as dofollow…Now you should spend some more time to moderate your huge rush of comments :-D

  • Pankaj Gupta

    That’s a Good Move and I guess, now you might be getting more user participation. Isn’t ?

  • Sandipan

    Thank you for joining the DoFollow movement.

  • Himanshu

    Great step.. making a blog dofollow is worth appreciation but do look for spammers.


    • Brian Yang

      Thanks for visiting! All comments are human moderated. :)

  • Uttam K Sinha

    Good Move….

  • Alex | Brain Dumps

    Dear Brian, I am sorry to say that your blog is still a “NoFollow” blog. What is the reason for it. All the back-links are strike-through. The SEOQuake Add-ons is showing all the back-links as No-Follow. What do you say?

    • Brian Yang

      Hi Alex,

      Sorry I forgot to update this article. After making this blog DoFollow, there has been a significant increase in comments (which was expected) but most of them were linking to spam/suspicious sites using very specific keywords. Furthermore, most of these comments added nothing useful to the conversation (often just “Great post!”).

      As of mid-2011, the NoFollow tag is only removed for regular comments. The exact number of comments for the tag to be removed is not publicly disclosed in order to prevent abuse and to encourage regular commenting.