Speed Up Your Website Loading Time

Do you own a website or blog? How fast does it load? Do you think that your site’s speed may be affecting the number of visitors you get? It just might. You may have been aware that Google has recently announced that a site’s performance will now be calculated into the Page Rank formula in […]


Opera 10.50 – Speedy and Innovative

Opera once again has claimed the title of the fastest browser on earth. Two weeks ago, the Opera software team released a public beta of the latest and greatest version of their Opera browser. This morning, the final version of Opera 10.50 has been released for Windows users with a Mac and Linux version coming […]

Limit Unnecessary PHP Queries to Speed Up WordPress

PHP is a very fast server side scripting language that is often used for dynamic content such as blogs including Tech Airlines. However, themes often contain many unnecessary PHP queries, especially those that are publicly distributed. Queries often request information from the database and even though its very fast, excessive requests could significantly slow down […]

VMware Player

VirtualBox 3.1.2 vs VMware Player 3.0

Do you want to run multiple operating systems without going through multi-booting? The most popular way to do this would be virtualization. I previously compared the free VirtualBox against the premium VMware Workstation. But VMware also offers a free version of their virtualization product, known as VMware Player. How would these two free products compare […]