Store Absolutely Anything in the Cloud with Google Docs

Google Docs

Do you use Google Docs to store your files? Google announced in January that Google Docs is able to store any file, whether or not its a document. In addition, the maximum file size was increased to 1 GB. Could it actually get any more amazing than that? Apparently so. Google has just announced that […]

Explore Outer Space with Worldwide Telescope

Worldwide Telescope Welcome

Ever wanted to explore outer space, without going out to space? Without buying a telescope? Without even leaving your computer or desk? With Microsoft Worldwide Telescope, you can. It is Microsoft’s response to programs such as Google Earth Sky Mode. Explore the other planets in our solar system, the stars, and take a look at […]

WinDirStat: What’s Filling Up Your Disk Space?

WinDirStat Drive Select

Is your disk usage flying upwards? Wondering what files are the culprit to your low disk space? Thanks to WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics), you can easily find out the individual files or folders that is consuming a good portion of your disk space as well as quickly delete files. Usage of WinDirStat is easy and […]