Importance of HTML and CSS in Web Designing

CoffeeCup Site Designer

Trying to create a website? We can all just learn to use Dreamweaver and we are good to go, aren’t we?

This is a common misconception that is put in the brains of many prospective website designers, but hear this loud and clear: to be able to design genuine websites, you need to have a good grasp of HTML and CSS coding languages. WYSIWYG web builders like Dreamweaver and CoffeeCup are great but have many limitations.

How HTML Messages Can Give You Better Clicks Compared to Text Messages

HTML Message

There is an unnecessary and unending competition between messages created in plain text and those created in HTML, but it’s obvious that HTML created messages are more preferable over plain text messages. It goes without saying that HTML messages have undeniably attractive webpage layouts, are more track-able and more secure when presenting important documents such as financial statements.

Let’s take a closer look at what “edge” HTML messages have over plain text messages that if harnessed will greatly multiply your hits and conversions.

How to Tell if Your Website is Outdated

Globe Clock

Many consumers are now using the internet to make purchases, get information, and get in contact with your business. If they’re searching for a product or service, where will they look? There’s a good chance they’re skip the yellow pages and use the far more powerful internet. When they land on your webpage, what will […]

Does Google Care About Web Standards Compliance?

Google Validation Results

Are you trying to keep your website compliant with current web standards and free of validation errors? Validation helps ensure that your website will work properly on the widest range of web browsers. Often times, validation errors don’t do any harm to your site, however, it’s usually best to be as standard compliant as possible. […]

Host a Basic Website for Free with Dropbox

Dropbox Website Folder

Are you using Dropbox, the free file-synchronization utility that won First Class Flyer last week? It was mentioned that Dropbox files in the ‘Public’ folder each have a link that you can share with the world. But did you know this can be used in many clever ways, including hosting your very own website? Simply […]