Apple vs Adobe - Flash or no Flash

Apple – Flash or No Flash?

This is a guest post by Matt G. Recently many users of the new iPad and iPhone 4, are getting really tired. Why you may ask? There has been a constant fight over trying to get Apple to add Adobe Flash Player to their devices. There have been many assumptions based on Apple. Some say […]

Globe Clock

How to Tell if Your Website is Outdated

Many consumers are now using the internet to make purchases, get information, and get in contact with your business. If they’re searching for a product or service, where will they look? There’s a good chance they’re skip the yellow pages and use the far more powerful internet. When they land on your webpage, what will […]


Firefox 3.6.4 ‘Lorentz’ Stops Flash From Crashing the Browser

Over a month ago, we covered Firefox 3.6.4 Beta. While this may seem like your average minor update with some security, stability, and bug fixes, Firefox 3.6.4 features Lorentz, the highly anticipated OOPP (Out-of-Process-Plugin) feature. This isolates plugins like Flash and Silverlight into a separate process so if they crash, only the plugin goes down […]

Firefox Private

How to Truly Browse Without Leaving a Trace

Do you want to browse the web without a trace? Easy! Just use your browser’s Private Browsing Mode! Wrong! So “private” mode isn’t really “private”? Well, in a way, no, it’s not. Even in Private Mode, you’re still leaving traces behind. Isn’t Clearing the Browser ‘Private Data’ Enough? Modern browsers contain a feature known as […]