How to Maximize Your Dropbox Free Storage Space

Dropbox Bonus

Are you using Dropbox, the popular free file syncing utility?

The regular free account offers 2 GB of free storage space to all users but they have many methods that users can earn even more free space, without dropping their wallet into the box. Here’s a quick how-to on how to maximize your free storage space on Dropbox.

Synchronize Your Files Between Computers

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Do you run multiple computers that require the same files? Having trouble using files you access from your home computer at work? Manually emailing everything to yourself or using a flash drive too much for you?

This is a comparison between Dropbox, Syncplicity, SugarSync, and LiveMesh. A newer comparison is available.

Store Absolutely Anything in the Cloud with Google Docs

Google Docs

Do you use Google Docs to store your files? Google announced in January that Google Docs is able to store any file, whether or not its a document. In addition, the maximum file size was increased to 1 GB. Could it actually get any more amazing than that? Apparently so. Google has just announced that […]