Facebook Suspended

Facebook Suspends Users Who Share Passwords with Employers

As you may be aware, Facebook has been taking a stand against employers who request prospective and actual employees to reveal their Facebook password. In an announcement from Erin Egan, the Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, the company took a stand against such practices and warned its users never to share their password.

Facebook failed to stop the employers, so now, could Facebook be going after the actual employees instead of the employers?

optimize ads

How to Optimize Your Google Display Ads Campaign With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a very valuable resource when planning your next Google Display strategy. Along with plenty of scope for adapting observations from your Facebook Ads, your can measure and compare results of your ads as soon as an hour or two later and see for your self which scores better and accordingly use it. There are many ways you can utilize your Facebook Ads to optimize your Google Display Ads.

Facebook Spam

Beware of Facebook Spam Wall Posts

Are you using Facebook? Have you ever received a message from a friend telling you how they won something? Or perhaps a message saying that Facebook will delete all inactive accounts? Your friend might not even know they sent these messages.

Here’s an overview of the most common type of Facebook spam and how they spread.

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