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The Best of April Fools 2013

It is April 1st, a day when you truly can’t believe everything you see or read on the internet. As usual, many companies like to create all sorts of shenanigans on this very special day.

Here is a compilation of some of this year’s best April Fools pranks around the internet.

TechAirlines Energy Chart

Help Conserve Energy by Opting to Remove Letters

Yesterday, Twitter announced two tiers of service: the free Twttr, which does not allow vowels, and the premium Twitter, which functions normally. They decided to do this in an effort to generate more revenue. However, TechAirlines realized that this was a genius idea, not for making money, but for saving energy instead.

Every page request takes energy to transmit. The larger the page, the more energy it takes to transmit it over the internet and render it in your browser. Makes sense right?

Every English word contains at least one vowel. So what if we took out all the vowels? It would make the size of each page significantly smaller. And a smaller page, means less energy is needed to transmit and load that page.

Facebook Suspended

Facebook Suspends Users Who Share Passwords with Employers

As you may be aware, Facebook has been taking a stand against employers who request prospective and actual employees to reveal their Facebook password. In an announcement from Erin Egan, the Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, the company took a stand against such practices and warned its users never to share their password.

Facebook failed to stop the employers, so now, could Facebook be going after the actual employees instead of the employers?

Google Maps 8-bit

Google Introduces Google Maps 8-Bit for NES

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use Google Maps on your NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)?

Thanks to the work of a bunch of Google engineers, you now can. According to a new blog post from the Google Maps team, Google is planning to release a new NES catridge which contains an 8-bit version of Google Maps, complete with a dial up connection to connect to the internet.


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