LastPass: The Last Password You Need to Remember

Password Form

How many unique online passwords do you have? If your answer is one or two, you either need to get out on the web more, or the more likely answer, you are using the same password for everything, a very poor but popular security practice. Users, myself included, often use the same password for everything […]

Is it a Real Box or is it VirtualBox?

The main window of VirtualBox 3.1.0

Do you need to run multiple operating systems? Is multiple booting not for you? How about the easiest way to run multiple operating systems? Virtualization! There are a few virtualization options out there, one in particular is Sun VirtualBox. On November 30, 2009, the next major version of VirtualBox, 3.1.0, was released featuring dozens of […]

Graphmatica: The Solution to Lost Calculators


Have you ever come home, then realize you left your graphing calculator at school? Maybe you’ve felt too lazy to bring your calculator home because of their greater-than-usual weight as graphing calculators. Graphmatica is a “trial” software product that can do most of the things graphing calculators can do, with a few added extras. Download […]

What’s Behind This Short Link? Logo

URL shortening services such as and TinyURL are becoming more and more popular these days for Twitter links… and for spreading malware. What’s that? Malware? These services have gained popularity on Twitter where users have to send links in less than 140 characters combined with their message. The problem is that users have no […]

Open PSD Photoshop Files in Paint.NET

The Photoshop Plugin adds an option to save and open PSD files

Don’t have Photoshop and need to open PSD files? Are alternatives like GIMP too slow and heavy? I recommend Paint.NET as a great free alternative to Photoshop because its lightweight and fast. Unfortunately, it does not support PSD files. Luckily, thanks to a free plugin, it can open and save PSD files. Simpy download the […]

Free Office Starter 2010 with Office To-Go (Private Beta)

Office 2010 Setup is installed prerequisites

Around the same time Microsoft released Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta, they also released a private invite-only beta of Microsoft Office Starter 2010, which is an ad-supported version of Word and Excel. As the name implies, this is a starter edition intended mainly for individuals to try out Office before purchasing the full version. Microsoft […]

What’s New in Office 2010 Beta

All applications feature a new splash screen with an animated background.

Microsoft released Office 2010 Professional Plus Beta to the general public on Wednesday which is packed with dozens of new features and enhancements as well as a redesigned logo and new application icons. The most popular applications in the suite are Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, so what’s new in 2010 (Office 14) compared to 2007 […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Beta Available

The beta version of the next version of Microsoft’s popular office suite, Microsoft Office 2010, has just been released to the public today. This new release includes dozens of new features, including Windows 7 Integration, Online Document Syncing, and the Ribbon GUI on more products, such as OneNote, Publisher, and Visio along with some new […]

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