Useful YouTube Player Parameters

YouTube Parameters

A guide to every parameter available for the YouTube video player (both the website and embedded players) as well a URL/code generator.

‘Gangnam Style’ Becomes First YouTube Video to Hit 1 Billion Views

Gangnam Style Cover

Less than a month after reaching 800 million views, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has reached 1 billion views.

Stay Away From “Temple Run Multiplayer” Invites on Facebook

Fake Temple Run

Did you recently receive any game/app requests from your friends for something called “Temple Run Multiplayer” during the past week or so?

This is a fake/spam app that would just send useless invites to your friends.

Facebook Suspends Users Who Share Passwords with Employers

Facebook Suspended

As you may be aware, Facebook has been taking a stand against employers who request prospective and actual employees to reveal their Facebook password. In an announcement from Erin Egan, the Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, the company took a stand against such practices and warned its users never to share their password.

Facebook failed to stop the employers, so now, could Facebook be going after the actual employees instead of the employers?

YouTube Gets a Design Refresh, Google+ Integration

YouTube Homepage

Did you visit YouTube recently to notice the new design refresh? Following the paths of a recent site-wide redesign of Google products, YouTube has received a major facelift recently, changing almost every page of the site, particularly the homepage and channels.

It’s not the Cosmic Panda update from a few months ago, but it definitely looks similar to it. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Google Profiles Finally Available to Apps Users

Google Apps Google+

Are you a Google Apps user? Google Profiles has finally arrived for Apps users, which allows using services like Google+ and the +1 button. After hearing “in a few weeks” or “in a few months” since February 2010 (Google Buzz) and March 2011 (Blog post about +1), Apps users can finally access Google’s latest services. […]

Google Introduces Google+ Social Network

Google Plus Stream

Google has introduced their latest project, called Google+. It adds a new social layer to all their services and functions as a social network, where users can share information with their friends. This service is clearly aimed to compete with Facebook.

It is by far Google’s biggest and boldest attempt at social networking.

How to Find Twitter Users Not Following You Back


Are you using Twitter? Do you follow users who follow you to create a mutual follow? Many people and companies prefer to do this as it sometimes helps establish a connection with followers and also helps keep followers (and thus establishing “friends”).

A tool called Tweeter Karma can help easily identify who is following you back as well as unfollow everyone who isn’t.

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