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Details about the .NET Update that automatically installed a Firefox add-on and plugin wtihout the knowledge and consent of users

Mozilla Blocks Microsoft .NET Plugin

An “important” automatic Windows Update pushed out to all users by Microsoft last February had caused some outrage among some Firefox users. This update had added a .NET Add-on that adds ClickOnce support and also installed a plugin named “Windows Presentation Foundation” to Firefox without the user’s consent or knowledge. Not only that, but without […]

AVG Main

AVG Free 9.0: Free Basic PC Security

Many internet users lack security software on their computer, whether its a firewall, antivirus, antispyware, or all of them. Many security software like Symantec and Panda Security costs a subscription fee, however some users do not require a full featured security suite and just require bare security necessities. That’s when free alternatives come in. One […]

WOT for Google Chrome

WOT Protection Extends to Google Chrome

WOT (Web of Trust) is an online security community and browser add-on that helps users stay safe on the web. It has over 5 million sites rated with partnerships with companies like Panda Security. This excellent security add-on was previously only available to users of Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, it has recently announced in […]


WordPress Security Tips and Guidelines

WordPress is the most popular self-hosting blogging script (and can be used as a CMS) on the internet used by thousands of sites. Because of its popularity, it is also a target for hackers. When a blog gets hacked (through methods like password brute force and SQL Injections), hacked and added content may be malicious, […]

Microsoft Security Essentials is available for genuine copies of Windows only.

Microsoft Security Essentials Graduates from Beta

Released to beta last June to the first 75,000 users, Microsoft Security Essentials Codename “Morro” has graduated from beta stage and is now released as Version 1.0 earlier today. It replaces Microsoft’s security suite, Windows Live One Care, and is released as a free antivirus and antispyware solution with real time protection. There isn’t much […]

Disabled Task Manager

Enable a Disabled Windows Task Manager

The Task Manager is an important part of Windows. It lets you manage your processes, tasks, and more. It can be accessed through many ways: Right clicking on the taskbar and choosing Task Manager, pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, or selecting Task Manager in the Ctrl+Alt+Del options. However, you may find yourself in a situation like this: You […]

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