Writebox Edits Text Documents in Dropbox

Dropbox Authorization

Do you use Dropbox to store text documents, source code, and other plain text files? Need a method to quickly edit them wherever you are without needing to manually download each file and then re-uploading them?

An app called Writebox allows you to edit the text of any file on your Dropbox account and automatically sync changes.

Swagbucks vs. Bing Rewards – PrizeFly

Swagbucks vs. Bing Featured Image

Do you search online? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to earn rewards for searching (and other online activities)?

Services like Swagbucks and Bing Rewards let you do exactly that. Simply by searching online, you earn virtual currency, which can be redeemed for various prizes, such as gift cards.

Both services are free to join, and you can always participate in both, but let’s explore the features of each and crown one as the “prized flyer”.

Burn Note Creates One-Time Self-Deleting Secure Messages

Burn Note Spy

Do you need to send a private message to someone? Need the message to be permanently deleted once it is read?

Burn Note allows you to send a one-time message that deletes itself upon being viewed. It also includes a few features to prevent copying the message.

Happy Fourth of July from TechAirlines!

NYC Fireworks 2011

Happy Independence Day to all our USA readers!

WordPress.com vs. Blogger – PrizeFly

WordPress vs. Blogger

Do you own an online blog? Are you planning on starting one? A question asked by many people when they first start a blog is, “Which platform should I use?” There are many self-hosted solutions available, but not everyone wants to go through the hassle of learning how to and setting up a domain name, web host, etc…

Thankfully, several free blogging platforms exist, the most popular ones being WordPress.com and Blogger. How does each compare? Let’s find out and crown one as the “prized flyer”.

How to Set Reminders with Windows’ Built-in Task Scheduler


Need to set a reminder for yourself on Windows?

Whether it’s to remind you to make an appointment, send an email, or to make dinner, Windows 7′s built-in Task Scheduler feature can help. No need to install another application like Outlook.

Google Introduces Nexus 7 Tablet w/ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


This morning, Google announced the highly anticipated Nexus 7 tablet. Built by Asus, it joins the Nexus phones by offering the “pure-Android” experience.

It features a 7-inch display and a quad core processor, but its best feature is possibly its price tag of $199.

PressReader – Get Access to Hundreds of Newspapers [Review]

PressReader Library

Do you enjoy reading newspapers? Want to save trees by reading digital editions of the paper? Many digital editions of papers already exist but many people still prefer a traditional newspaper experience, not a specially designed version of their favorite publication. An app called PressReader gives users access to over 1700 different publications from 92 different countries for a monthly fee of $29.95 or $.99 for one issue.

These are displayed exactly as they would appear on a classic paper edition, complete with ads and front page articles.

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