Thunderbird 3.0 viewing a message with threaded view enabled and the default theme

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 is Finally Here

Mozilla’s excellent email client, Thunderbird, has released its latest version, 3.0, yesterday, and its loaded with new features, the most important being the revamped search function, tabs, and a new setup wizard allowing users to create new accounts easily. The best new feature of this release would have to go to the brand new search […]

When you first load Classic, you may notice that only the logo, search bar, search button, and the I'm Feeling Lucky button is visible. Move your mouse and the rest fades in.

The Fading Google Home Page

A few weeks ago, entering a line of javascript to set a cookie would reveal a new version of Google’s home page where by default, only the logo, search box, and search buttons are visible. The other elements fade in when users move their mouse. Today, it looks like this new Google home page has […]

The main window of VirtualBox 3.1.0

Is it a Real Box or is it VirtualBox?

Do you need to run multiple operating systems? Is multiple booting not for you? How about the easiest way to run multiple operating systems? Virtualization! There are a few virtualization options out there, one in particular is Sun VirtualBox. On November 30, 2009, the next major version of VirtualBox, 3.1.0, was released featuring dozens of […] Logo

What’s Behind This Short Link?

URL shortening services such as and TinyURL are becoming more and more popular these days for Twitter links… and for spreading malware. What’s that? Malware? These services have gained popularity on Twitter where users have to send links in less than 140 characters combined with their message. The problem is that users have no […]

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