Tumblr Recovers From 24 Hour Blackout

Tumblr Dashboard

Are you a Tumblr user? The outage that started at around 5 PM EST yesterday appears to be over. Tumblr is officially back online and access to all blogs has opened again. Tumblr tweeted the following message: The recovering database cluster is online and healthy. We’re incrementally opening up access to blogs while monitoring performance. […]

Beware of Holiday Email Spam


It’s the holiday season and spam is on the rise. No I don’t mean the food; I mean the ones in your inbox. My inbox has recently been getting a lot more spam than usual. A lot of these spam messages appear to be related to holiday deals with eye-catching subject lines like Avira Security […]

Tumblr Down for Four Hours and Counting

Tumblr Down

Are you a Tumblr user? We don’t normally report when major websites are down because its normal, but Tumblr has been down for four hours now. Visiting tumblr.com or any Tumblr blog will give this lovely message. Two hours ago, the message was actually different, saying that it was an error rather than a database […]

Chit-Chat Brings Facebook Chat to the Desktop [Review]


Do you use Facebook Chat? Ever wanted to chat with your Facebook friends without actually going to facebook.com or even have your browser open? Many multi-protocol chat clients have Facebook Chat except suppose you wanted a simple client that would just let you chat over Facebook without any other unnecessary features. Chit-Chat claims to be […]

How to Use a Custom Domain with Dropbox Public Links


Are you a Dropbox user? Do you frequently share files using the Public folder feature? Would you like to have the public links be something other than dl.dropbox.com? Dropbox allows files to be placed in a “Public” folder. Each file in this folder has a special public link that can be shared with others. All […]

How to Disable Firefox Isolated Plugin Container

Firefox Plugin Container

Are you using Firefox 3.6.4 or higher? Despite the fact that it consumes tons of RAM and is not the fastest browser out there, Firefox has always been my personal favorite due to its wide selection of useful add-ons. Since Firefox 3.6.4, Mozilla has introduced the isolated plugin architecture, which runs plugins like Flash and […]

Google Wave May Rise From the Dead as Apache Project

Google Wave

Remember Google Wave? Google Wave was the innovative communication and collaboration tool that Google introduced a year and a half ago at Google I/O 2009. A few months ago, Google had decided to pull the plug on the product. At the time of its launch, there was quite a lot of excitement about the new […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Happy Thanksgiving

All of us here at TechAirlines would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 2010! Spend time with your family and enjoy the holidays! We are celebrating with our new Thanksgiving theme and logo. In terms of free software and applications, I’m most thankful for Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, Dropbox, Notepad++, and Google Chrome. What are […]

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