Chrome for a Cause

Browse the Web for a Good Cause

How many browser tabs do you normally open? Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for the number of tabs you have open? Google surely thinks so. The “rewards” are donations to charity. A new initiative was recently introduced called “Chrome for a Cause” which donates to one of five charities based on your daily […]

Just How Large is Google? [Infographic]

Just how large is Google? They have something in almost every area of the web, including search (primary product), email (Gmail), advertisements (Adsense, Adwords, and Doubleclick), videos (YouTube), blogging (Blogger), browsers (Chrome), operating systems (Chrome OS), and much much more. They have made hundreds of acquisitions in the past and their shopping spree doesn’t show […]


Win Free Domains, iPad, and Galaxy Tab with Namecheap 3rd Annual Holiday Trivia

Do you want a chance to win a free domain name? It’s the holiday season and just like last year, NameCheap is once again holding their annual holiday trivia contest via Twitter. For 15 days starting on December 9th at midnight EST -0500 GMT (until December 24th), Namecheap will be posting a new trivia question […]

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