Backup DVDs with BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate – Review and Free License

Do you need to make a backup copy of a personal DVD? Is your DVD format incompatible with your device (does the device even support DVDs)? Whatever the reason, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate may be able to help. It normally costs $29.95, but as a reader of TechAirlines, you can get a license key for free.

We’ll get back to the free license later, after the review.

Disclaimer: This program itself is legal. It’s what you do with it that may or may not be legal.


QuickForget Sends Secure Online Messages with Expiration

Do you need to send someone a message online but don’t want it to be saved permanently somewhere (like their inbox)? Wouldn’t it be great to send a message that would self-destruct once its viewed? With, you can send anonymous self-destructing messages securely online. No account registration is required as this is all intended […]

Firefox Active Tab Color

3 Ways to Highlight Active Firefox Tab Without Add-ons

Are you using Firefox? Want to make the current active tab stand out from the rest? This is especially useful if you have lots of tabs of the same site open (same favicon).

This is easily done with extensions such as Tab Mix Plus, but suppose you don’t want to install another extension. Here are three methods to make the current tab stand out using the browser chrome stylesheet.

CO.CC Google Search

Google Removes All CO.CC Domains From Search

Remember the CO.CC free subdomain service that we mentioned last year? CO.CC is not only free, but also shares a resemblance to some ccTLDs like As a result, it is commonly abused by spammers to create fraudulent and/or malicious sites.

A few days ago, it appears Google has had enough. Doing a site search for returns absolutely no results, not even the main website. Google has removed the domain and all subdomains from its search results.

Google Search Results

Google Services Getting Facelifts for Google+

If you’ve been using Google’s services in the past few days, you definitely should have noticed new designs being rolled out to many products and they all share a similar concept as the newly announced Google+.

The search giant is trying to integrate their new social network into all of their products, providing a seamless experience throughout their website.

Google is very well known for their simple and clean web designs and this major facelift is no different. A new facelift has already been given to the homepage, search results, Maps, Calendar, and Gmail.

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