Google Instant – Search for a New Generation

Google Instant

Remember Google’s live-updating doodle as well as the animated particles? As expected, these were leading up the major update to Google. Live-updating results as-you-type as well as search query predictions. With Google Instant, results dynamically appear as the user types so they can quickly interact and click through content they’re looking for. In addition, Google […]

Google Color Changing Logo and Live-Updating Search

Google Logo

Remember Google’s fun animated particles doodle from yesterday? Today, Google has done it again with yet another interesting logo. At first, it just looks like a gray version of the Google logo. But try typing into the search box. You may notice that the colors start to fill in as you type. After 5 characters, […]

Google Animated Particles Logo

Google Logo

Google has had countless beautiful and fun logos (known as doodles) in the past to celebrate special occasions, from Newton’s Apple to Pac-man, but today’s logo is by far one of the most interesting. The logo is animated and reacts based on the mouse pointer. Try moving your mouse closer to it and you will […]

First Look at Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Beta


The Canonical Team has recently announced the release of the first public beta of the next version of their popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”. Scheduled for final release on October 10, this is a first look at what’s new in Maverick Meerkat Beta 1. Installation The usual menu asking the user to Install […]

Try Gmail Priority Inbox to Deal with Email Overload

Priority Inbox

Are you receiving far too many emails? Is managing them all getting to be extremely difficult? The Gmail Team has recently started to roll out a new feature called Gmail Priority Inbox. While Gmail does an excellent job filtering out spam, we all sometimes find ourselves receiving emails that aren’t spam, but they’re not really […]

Packt Launches 2010 Open Source Awards

Packt Open Source Awards 2010

Would you like a chance to help out your favorite open source projects with some funding and recognition? It’s time for the annual Open Source Awards from Packt Publishing. This was formerly the Open Source CMS (Content Management System) Awards, but this year, they changed it a bit to include non-CMS awards and threw in […]

Firefox 4 Beta 4 Introduces Panorama to Group Tabs

Firefox Panorama

Are you opening too many tabs? Is the tab bar getting too cluttered? Mozilla has recently announced in a blog post that the fourth beta of Firefox 4 is now available. It introduces a new tab management feature known as Firefox Panorama, formerly Firefox Tab Candy. Panorama is a new feature that allows you to […]

What Happened with Fred’s YouTube Subscribers?

Fred Subscribers

Fred Figglehorn is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube. There seems to be a strange bug with his channel which currently says he has 246 subscribers. The Top Subscribed Channels list still has the correct counts though. This isn’t the first time something weird happens on YouTube, so I’m sure this is just a […]

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