Explore Outer Space with Worldwide Telescope

Worldwide Telescope Welcome

Ever wanted to explore outer space, without going out to space? Without buying a telescope? Without even leaving your computer or desk? With Microsoft Worldwide Telescope, you can. It is Microsoft’s response to programs such as Google Earth Sky Mode. Explore the other planets in our solar system, the stars, and take a look at […]

GIMP vs Paint.NET Image Editing

GIMP Startup

Do you need something to spice up your images? The built in tools in Windows like Microsoft Paint not enough for you? Can’t afford Adobe Photoshop? The two most popular free applications to edit images on Windows would be GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and Paint.NET, but how do the two compare to each other? […]

Tweet AIR-less with Blu

blu Splash

Are you a Twitter user looking for a sleek new Twitter client that’s not powered by Adobe AIR like most apps out there? Tired of Twitter apps having too many features you don’t need? Take a look at the Blu Twitter Client, otherwise known as the “Vista Twitter Client”, focused on simplicity. Blu has loads […]

VirtualBox 3.1.2 vs VMware Player 3.0

VMware Player

Do you want to run multiple operating systems without going through multi-booting? The most popular way to do this would be virtualization. I previously compared the free VirtualBox against the premium VMware Workstation. But VMware also offers a free version of their virtualization product, known as VMware Player. How would these two free products compare […]

Windows 7′s So-Called ‘GodMode’

Windows 7 'GodMode'

In the past few days, Windows 7 users became extremely excited about the newly discovered ‘GodMode’. The name suggests something extremely powerful, although it’s basically a folder with shortcuts to the system settings of the operating system. Such a feature exists in Windows Vista as well. To access this special folder, create a new folder, […]

The Slim Browser is Slim Yet Feature Packed

Slim Browser

One of the most debated pieces of software is the web browser. There are many options to choose from, so there’s quite a lot of competition in the web browser market. How does a less known Slim Browser compare? Slim Browser is a lightweight browser based on Internet Explorer and the IE Trident rendering engine. […]

WinDirStat: What’s Filling Up Your Disk Space?

WinDirStat Drive Select

Is your disk usage flying upwards? Wondering what files are the culprit to your low disk space? Thanks to WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics), you can easily find out the individual files or folders that is consuming a good portion of your disk space as well as quickly delete files. Usage of WinDirStat is easy and […]

Clear DNS Cache to Fix Browsing Issues

DNS Error

Are you getting a handful of server not found or DNS Errors when you know the server is not down and your network connection is working fine? When you browse the internet, your internet browser looks up the DNS Records of each website you visit in order to connect to the website’s server. To save […]

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