3 Ways to Automatically Loop YouTube Videos

Ever come across a YouTube video that you want to watch or listen to over and over? Whether its a catchy song or a hilarious clip, everyone has come across a video that they want to press Replay over and over.

YouTube doesn’t provide an easy auto-loop button but that doesn’t mean you can’t easily have the video automatically loop so you can watch/listen it again and again without having to click.

Here are 3 different methods you can use to automatically and infinitely loop videos on YouTube.

1 – Browser Extension

There are several browser extensions that let you loop YouTube videos. The advantage to these over the others is that there’s no need to edit URLs and they work even if the uploader has disabled embedding.

YouTube Auto Replay (Firefox)

YouTube Auto Replay

Auto Replay for Firefox

For Firefox, there’s YouTube Auto Replay. This adds a button next to the Flag button, matching the style of the buttons. This will reveal options to either loop the entire video or only a certain portion of it, similar to Endless YouTube mentioned above.

YouTube Looper (Chrome)

YouTube Looper

YouTube Looper Button

For Google Chrome, there’s YouTube Looper. This extension adds a button next to the Like/Dislike buttons, matching the style of the buttons. Clicking it turns the button icon purple and toggles looping.

LoopTube (Opera)

Opera Loop YouTube

LoopTube for Opera

For Opera, there’s LoopTube. This adds a button next to the Statistics button, also matching YouTube’s style. Clicking it turns the button text red and toggles looping.

2 – YouTube Loop Websites

There are countless websites that let you enter in a YouTube URL (or change the youtube.com portion of the URL) and it will embed the video and have it loop forever. Some sites have more features than others, such as the ability to loop only a certain portion of the video.

A limitation to all of these websites is that they won’t work if the uploader disabled embedding.

One of these websites is Endless YouTube.

Endless YouTube

Endless YouTube

Endless YouTube not only lets you “endlessly” loop any video, but also gives options to loop only a certain section. There is also a search bar to search for videos right from the site.

Endless YouTube Options

Endless YouTube Options

To loop a video, simply change the youtube.com portion of the video URL to endlessvideo.com or endlessyoutube.com.

3 – Loop URL Parameter

I explained in a previous article about YouTube URL and embed parameters how to loop any video without using any third party website or extension.

Simply edit the video’s URL to the following:


Example (first URL becomes the second):


Since these are technically embedded video URLs, they will not work if the uploader has disabled embedding.

Since looping is such a simple function, do you think YouTube should just add an “Auto Loop” button? Have another auto loop method you prefer? Share with us in the comments.

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Brian is the co-founder of TechAirlines. He is a developer currently focusing on mobile and web development. He is currently a sophomore at Stony Brook University, majoring in Computer Science.

  • http://phoenixfeather.com Kirsten

    Yes…Youtube should definitely have a loop button – that’s my two cents.

    • praneet sharma

      In that case people will simply increase their video views by leaving the video on loop all night. That’s why youtube doesn’t allow looping.

      • Rush J Tucciarone

        Only Let it Count as 1 view!

  • Rondiu


    You’ve mixed up between 2 FF addons with the same name.
    Here’s the Firefox addon that is the correct one as shown in the screenshot you’ve posted: http://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/youtube-auto-replay-11636

    BTW, there’s a port of YouTube Auto Replay to Chrome –

    You can add a new one looping website called EZ Looper @ http://www.ezlooper.com
    By far the easiest looper around…

    • http://www.techairlines.com Brian Yang

      Thanks for spotting my mistake. I have corrected the link in the post.

  • Michael Han

    Hi Brian
    Thanks a lot for sharing such useful tip. I have been triyng to embed a video without titles, related contents and control bar, but still with the autoplay and loop feature, with the script below:

    Could you help me out and spot where is the mistake? Everything works fine except the loop feature.

    Thanks a lot!

  • http://www.cremedentalnatural.com Jorge

    Hi Brian!
    The LOOP is not working in Firefox. My code seems to be OK, and works in my computer (local), but not in the web server.

    In my computer, the video repeats, but in the web server it plays only once. I tried before changing ; for &, but did not work.

    Seems that in CHROME the loop works, but not in Firefox and Internet Explorer. What do you think? Please give a look at http://www.cremedentalnatural.com


  • Jessica

    I would also recommend http://www.tuberepeat.com to automatically repeat YouTube videos, it’s easy with their bookmark and you can also search for YouTube videos on their website :)

  • tito

    But… how to loop a video IN youtube?

  • Ya’ir

    Use Auto Replay for YouTube plugin, which can be found at Chrome Web Store.
    You can set a time frame for it to repeat.

  • Bee QU

    Auto loop is not working.