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YouTube 1 Billion

YouTube Passes One Billion Subscriptions!

In 2006, YouTube introduced that famous yellow Subscribe button that appeared on channels. It allows users to follow other channels so that their latest video would appear on the user’s homepage. Today, YouTube has reached another milestone. They have announced earlier today that this button has been clicked one billion times! The one billionth subscription […]

Google Instant

Google Instant – Search for a New Generation

Remember Google’s live-updating doodle as well as the animated particles? As expected, these were leading up the major update to Google. Live-updating results as-you-type as well as search query predictions. With Google Instant, results dynamically appear as the user types so they can quickly interact and click through content they’re looking for. In addition, Google […]

Google Logo

Google Animated Particles Logo

Google has had countless beautiful and fun logos (known as doodles) in the past to celebrate special occasions, from Newton’s Apple to Pac-man, but today’s logo is by far one of the most interesting. The logo is animated and reacts based on the mouse pointer. Try moving your mouse closer to it and you will […]


Useful YouTube URL Tricks

Ever wanted to share a YouTube video with someone but want to share just a certain part of it without having them start from the beginning? Need to have a video automatically loop?

Here is a list of useful parameters you can add to YouTube video page URLs and the embedded video code.

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