Google Removes All CO.CC Domains From Search

CO.CC Google Search

Remember the CO.CC free subdomain service that we mentioned last year? CO.CC is not only free, but also shares a resemblance to some ccTLDs like As a result, it is commonly abused by spammers to create fraudulent and/or malicious sites.

A few days ago, it appears Google has had enough. Doing a site search for returns absolutely no results, not even the main website. Google has removed the domain and all subdomains from its search results.

Google Services Getting Facelifts for Google+

Google Search Results

If you’ve been using Google’s services in the past few days, you definitely should have noticed new designs being rolled out to many products and they all share a similar concept as the newly announced Google+.

The search giant is trying to integrate their new social network into all of their products, providing a seamless experience throughout their website.

Google is very well known for their simple and clean web designs and this major facelift is no different. A new facelift has already been given to the homepage, search results, Maps, Calendar, and Gmail.

Google Introduces Google+ Social Network

Google Plus Stream

Google has introduced their latest project, called Google+. It adds a new social layer to all their services and functions as a social network, where users can share information with their friends. This service is clearly aimed to compete with Facebook.

It is by far Google’s biggest and boldest attempt at social networking.

Google +1 Button Available for All Websites


Want to recommend search results for your friends? Just when you thought websites had enough sharing buttons, Google has launched their official +1 button for use on any website, rather than just search results and ads. So what exactly is Google +1? Its a way of recommending content to your friends in Google search and […]

Google Chromebooks Announced – Available June 15

samsung chrome

Are you interested in buying a Chrome Notebook? It’s been officially announced under the name, Google Chromebook, on Wednesday at Google I/O 2011.

Google has added product pages about the Chromebook, including a preview and full specs of the upcoming models from Samsung and Acer.

Google Displays Blue Bar to Set Homepage in Internet Explorer

Google Blue Bar

Have you visited the homepage using Internet Explorer recently? I just did so earlier today and noticed something different. In addition to the corner ad for Google Chrome, there was also a large blue bar at the top telling me to set as my homepage, similar to a recent attempt by Facebook.

Google Chrome OS May Sell As Subscription-Based Hardware

Chrome Notebooks

Are you interested in purchasing a Chrome Notebook when it goes on sale this summer? There is currently a rumor circulating the web that Google may be selling Chrome OS on a subscription based model in addition to an option for the traditional purchase method. According to, who claims to have received this information […]

How to Split Your Google Chrome Content Area into Multiple Tabs


Have you found an interesting website that you want to keep track of or constantly refer back to while browsing the web? Yesterday, we showed you how to split your content area into multiple tabs in Firefox so you can browse multiple sites at once. Today, let’s do the same, but in Google Chrome.

An extension called ChromeSplits should be able to do the job.

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