How to Quickly Hide Your Chrome Tabs with Disguised Tabs

Do you need to hide your current Google Chrome tab in a hurry without closing it? Are you on Facebook when you’re not supposed to be? With a simple extension called Disguised Tabs, you can now hide and disguise your tab with one easy keyboard shortcut.

After installing the extension, you can disguise and hide any tab simply by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q (or Cmd+Q on Mac). The following will then immediately happen:

  • Tab title is renamed to Google.
  • Tab favicon is changed to Google’s favicon.
  • Browser switches to nearest non-disguised tab.

You can have multiple disguised tabs, although since there’s current no option to change the disguise from Google, it will look like you have multiple Google homepage tabs open. Hopefully this will change in future versions.

Non Disguised Tab

I shouldn't be on Facebook...

Facebook Disguised Tabs

Ctrl+Q - Facebook? I'm not on Facebook!

Switching back to the disguised tab will retain the disguised title, although using Ctrl+Q again will revert the changes back to no title (displaying a plain URL as the title).

Facebook Disguised Title

Notice the title bar and favicon

Of course, if you’re not supposed to be on a certain website, you shouldn’t be on it in the first place.

What do you think of Disguised Tabs? Have a different way to hide what you’re doing? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Creastery

    It is possible to hide a/all chrome window by using Chrome Toolbox (By Google) as well!

    Have fun hiding tabs/windows :)