Google Pumpkin Carving Doodle – Happy Halloween 2011!

Google Halloween DoodleHappy Halloween!

As with all holidays, Google is celebrating Halloween with a new fun doodle on the home page. However, today’s doodle is not a static image, but instead a time lapse video of several people carving six giant pumpkins. According to Google, some of the pumpkins weighed over a thousand pounds and the carving took about eight hours.

To celebrate Halloween this year, the doodle team wanted to capture that fascinating transformation that takes place when carving a pumpkin. Instead of picking up a few pumpkins from the grocery store, however, we decided to work on six giant pumpkins, specially delivered from nearby Half Moon Bay (some weighing well over 1,000 pounds). What you see is a timelapse video of the approximately eight hours we spent carving in the middle of our Mountain View, Calif. campus.

You can view the video below.

We are also celebrating Halloween with our new logo and theme colors.

TechAirlines Halloween 2011 Logo

TechAirlines Halloween 2011 Theme

If you missed our spooky dark theme and logo from last year, you can check it out here.

What do you think about Google’s Halloween doodle as well as our Halloween theme? Share with us in the comments.

Have a fun and safe Halloween 2011!

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    Yes that’s really an intense work of art that took a lot of time and effort, nice job by the folks at Google, their company creativity policy is worthwhile.