Google Wave Adds Email Notifications

Google WaveRemember Google Wave? Don’t worry if you don’t. Why? If you’ve been keeping up with Google news and updates recently, there was very little internet buzz about Wave. The buzz was all about, well, Buzz.

There was also no email notifications, unlike Buzz. To check for a new update on Wave, a user would have to actually open up Wave. To add on to that, when a Wave builds up many blips or replies, the lag is insane and the browser frequently freezes up.

To solve that, one of the top requested features has been implemented today. Email notifications.

When you’re added to a new wave, or a wave that you are on changes, we’ll send you an email with a short summary of the text and links to go straight to your updated waves. Rest assured, we know waves can change a lot, so we will only send you one notification about a changed wave until you have logged in to look at it (i.e.: if a wave changes 10 times after we send the first notification, we won’t send 10 more emails). Waves you have open also won’t trigger updates.

To turn on notifications, click the arrow that appears when you hover over Inbox and select notifications.

Google Wave Notifications

Wave Notifications

You will then presented with some email frequency options.

Wave Email Options

Set email frequency

Please note that this feature is preliminary and there are a few known issues including the email snippet occasionally not showing all Wave participants.

What do you think of Google Wave and the email notifications? Do you think that it will help Wave go back flying in the sky or will it stay at the airport getting nowhere? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Epona

    can i find this under google beta ?

    or is this only in the usa i am living in holland


    • Brian


      Google Wave is currently in invite only preview. You can sign up for an invite at Recently, Google has been giving anyone who wants an invite an invite.