Google Profiles Finally Available to Apps Users

Google Plus OneAre you a Google Apps user? Google Profiles has finally arrived for Apps users, which allows using services like Google+ and the +1 button.

After hearing “in a few weeks” or “in a few months” since February 2010 (Google Buzz) and March 2011 (Blog post about +1), Apps users can finally access Google’s latest services.

Profiles is not enabled by default. Domain administrators need to enable it manually through the Google Apps Control Panel. It’s listed under Services as Google+.

Google Apps Enable Google+

Google Apps - Enable Google+

Google+ Warning

Warning when enabling Google+

Apps users have access to the exact same features as regular accounts for Profiles, +1, and Google+. In addition, there is an option in Google+ to share with users in your organization, regardless of whether or not they’re in your circle.

Google+ Domain

Google+ sharing with domain (Credit: Google)

Buzz has been discontinued and therefore is not officially available for Apps users. However, due to a workaround I mentioned in my previous post, my Google Apps account does have Buzz enabled (even though it does not show up in Gmail). I can create new posts from the share button and comment on others’ posts.

Google Apps Buzz

Buzz still appears on my Google Apps Profile. This post was created using a loophole from earlier (share via Google Buzz buttons).

This is great news, particularly for those using Google Apps as their personal email, like me. For schools, since Google+ still has an age restriction of 18+, only higher education schools can use Google+ at this time.

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    This is really great news !! I haven’t seen the bar. Thanks for the share. It has saved me a lot of time.