Google Buzz Unread Count Bug

Google Buzz CountAre you using Google Buzz? Are you noticing something strange about the unread count?

Right now, mine says 29. Great! Time to view what’s new here. One minute later, hey there’s 29 new updates again. Let’s view them. I don’t see anything new here…

There appears to be a bug with Google Buzz currently that causes the unread count to get stuck (or increase when new updates come in) regardless of how many new buzzes there actually are but never drops to 0.

The main problem doesn’t seem to be the counter because the new updates number is correct. The problem is that the system isn’t properly recording which buzzes you read therefore marking them all as new. The yellow bar next to new messages stays there regardless of whether or not the message is actually new.

This bug has been confirmed by a Google Employee.

I just noticed it today however it appears to be a bug that existed since last Friday on April 23, 2010.

Please note that this does not affect all users. Some users that this has affected have reported that it has been fixed already.

Are you experiencing the same problem? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Update 5/2: Many users, myself included report that this bug fixes itself when your buzz count hits ‘100+’.

Update 5/3: Commenter Darcey reports that the bug doesn’t automatically fix at 100+ for everyone.

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  • Brian

    This still isn’t fixed for me. I now have 89 unread buzzes and counting.

    Some users report the number moving down randomly though.
    .-= BrianĀ“s last blog ..First Look At Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx =-.

  • Gnauga

    Hey Brian, once going over a hundred buzzes, either refresh or wait a few hours. It’ll restore the reset capability permanently, it looks like so far.

    • Brian

      Hello there,

      Yep, it seems to resolve itself at 100+. I never seen it go that high before so it was nice to know that Google Buzz only counts to 100.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    • Darcey

      Not happening for everyone. Mine’s been at 100+ for days, and logging out, refreshing, etc isn’t working. We’ll see when this actually works out.

      • Brian

        Hello Darcey,

        Thanks for the information. I’ll update the post accordingly. It seems to fix for me and a bunch of my friends though I guess this isn’t for everyone.

        Thanks for visiting,