Google Wave May Rise From the Dead as Apache Project

Remember Google Wave? Google Wave was the innovative communication and collaboration tool that Google introduced a year and a half ago at Google I/O 2009. A few months ago, Google had decided to pull the plug on the product.

Google Wave

At the time of its launch, there was quite a lot of excitement about the new product. The desire for invitations was crazy. It was one of the most hyped product launches of 2009 and many predicted that an email killer was born. Unfortunately, this product eventually turned out to be a failure.

As a result, Google shut down product development but released it as open source code known as Wave in a Box. That is the end of the life of Google Wave… or is it?

It looks like a new proposal to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is trying to bring Wave’s codebase to ASF’s infrastructure. ASF hosts more than 100 open source projects and best known for the Apache HTTP Server.

The proposal wants to bring Wave back into development as an ASF proejct. This proposal is supported by many from Google, Novell, and even the US Navy. The initial goals of this proposal are:

  1. To migrate the codebase from and integrate the project with the ASF infrastructure (issue management, build, project site, etc).
  2. To quickly reach a state where it is possible to continue the development of the Wave In a Box implementation under the ASF project.
  3. To add new committers to the project and grow the community in “The Apache Way”.

While this proposal has yet to be accepted by ASF, Wave has always had huge potential. Most people have to admit that even though it became a failure, the concept was brilliant and very promising.

Will Wave be given a second life? What are your thoughts about Wave? Share with us in the comments.

Learn more about this proposal here.

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Brian is the co-founder of TechAirlines. He is a developer currently focusing on mobile and web development. He is currently a sophomore at Stony Brook University, majoring in Computer Science.

  • kaleena

    oh my, i remember those days where google wave EXPLODED on twitter & everyone was scrambling to get an invite. i hope they revitalize it. it was truly a great idea.

    (ps: i see myself in that picture! ohoho)

    • Brian Yang

      Hi Kaleena!

      Yup, it was just last year. I remember trying to get an invite through Twitter. There were at least 30 tweets a second tagged with #GoogleWave. It was absolutely crazy. Some invites were even being auctioned for as high as 70 dollars each.

      I really hope Wave gets a new life. It was very promising and aside from the slow performance, I really enjoyed using it.

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend,