How to Find Out When Your Google Account was Created

Ever needed to find out the exact date your Google account was created? This date can be very useful in situations such as recovering your account (you forgot your security question and don’t have access to your secondary email).

Previously, you were able to check this date by going into Gmail and turning on POP. However, while this worked for some users, many users with older accounts reported that this simply read the date of the oldest email. More recently, this date isn’t even shown anymore for some accounts.

Gmail POP

POP settings might not display a date anymore

Fortunately, if you’re a Google+ user (with Google+ being integrated into everything lately, its hard not to be), there’s another method to find out when your account was created.

Go to Google Takeout, the service that lets you export a backup of your Google account data.

When selecting which products to include in the archive, there should be an option to Transfer your Google+ account connections to another account next to Google+ Circles. You don’t have to actually download or transfer anything, but click this option.
Google Circles Transfer

On the page that opens, it will list the date your account was created and the last sign-in date.

Google Account Date

This should work with both personal Google accounts and Google Apps business/organization accounts.

Does this method work for you? When was your account created? Is there a different method to find this date? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Orkeren1307

    works brilliant – both with my personal Google account ( and my Google Apps account. They’re created Feb 20, 2008 and May 27, 2012 respectively :D

  • Modur Narayana Rao Jagannathan

    Whe did i opened my gmail account

    • Katie Burton

      What date did I create my Google account

  • Curry

    One year ago today lol.

  • ElectricPics

    Great tip. I knew it was 2004 for me but this nailed the date to June 22.

  • ravip

    Great tip, tks

  • MissH

    Jup! I knew it was 2004, but now know it was 18 July :)

  • KiRaShi

    Worked great for me, but I’m going to be smart about it and NOT post the date below.

  • S. Pathan

    Grate,,, It really works,,, Thanks

  • Ravindra Rathore

    Old one worked for me. You are awesome dude :D

  • Rockdocta

    7/22/2005 bitches!

    • Darren Lard

      9/12/04…I had one earlier, but it screwed up during the beta

      • Assabakie Aljembali

        November 2004.

  • Kim Nilsson

    This doesn’t work anymore.