Doodle with the World Using globalDoodle

Do you like to doodle? How would you like to contribute to a worldwide doodle that’s 16 square kilometers large?

That’s exactly what globalDoodle is. It’s an enormous online collaborative doodle that anyone can contribute to. No registration is required. Simply agree to the simple terms and conditions and begin doodling.


A little message from TechAirlines

You can change between a pencil, pen, and a highlighter. Several colors for each tool are available. Each section of the paper has a direct link, so you can send a link to a specific section.

GlobalDoodle URL

Share a direct link to the section of the paper you’re looking at

There are links to several great artworks created by the community.

GlobalDoodle Cool

Doodle showcase

The entire app is made without using Flash at all and works remarkably well on mobile devices.

GlobalDoodle Mobile

Works very well with touch screens

What do you think of globalDoodle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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