EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0 – Easy System Backup [Review and Giveaway]

Review at a Glance

  • Software Name: EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0
  • Company: Chengdu Yiwo Tech Development
  • Price: Free

The Good

  • Easy wizard style tasks.
  • Differential backups to only backup changed files.
  • Schedule automatic backups.

The Bad

  • Uses several background processes including ones that load during system startup.
  • WinPE Emergency Disk requires additional download (Windows AIK) on free version.
  • Some functions may be difficult to understand without going to the help pages on their website.
Review of EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0

When was the last time you backed up your PC’s data? What would happen if your hard drive were to fail tomorrow? Hardware failures are inevitable and often happen at the worst possible times, so if you haven’t been backing up your files lately, now would be a good time to do so.

Windows has a backup utility built in but I often find it feature lacking and slow. Fortunately, EASEUS created Todo Backup, a free and easy to use backup utility for Windows.

The free version is sufficient for most people, but if you need more power, there’s also a commercial Workstation version. 5 lucky TechAirlines readers will be able to get a copy of EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation for free ($39 value). More on that later.

First, let’s take a closer look at EASEUS Todo Backup Free 3.0. We reviewed an older version of this program 3 months ago. Since many things remain relatively the same, this review will cover what’s new, which include the following:

  • Differential file backup
  • Support for dynamic volumes
  • Backup partitions directly from the context menu in “Computer”
  • Image conversion tool
  • No restart required for installation

The download is a relatively large 88.5 MB installer. Unlike previous versions, a system reboot to finish installation is no longer required.

What’s New in Version 3.0?

The first thing you will notice about the interface is that it looks very similar to previous versions with a few changes. There are many more options accessible right from the home tab, which is very convenient since these are the most frequently used features.

EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0

EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0

There is now a one click system backup option, allowing you to easily backup everything.

EASEUS System Backup

EASEUS System Backup

Differential backup creates backups only when files are changed since the last full backup. It deals with fewer files than the similar incremental backup and therefore is significantly faster.

The difference between differential and incremental might be confusing at first. Both options are listed next to each other with no explanation at all. These options are found when creating a backup of files or partitions.

Differential Backup

Differential Backup Option

The new version of Todo Backup also lets you convert disk or partition backups into a virtual machine image. VMware and Virtual PC formats are available, although VirtualBox supports VMware formats as well. This is very useful for transferring an entire partition into a virtual machine.

Converting to VMware requires the VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit, something that’s only mentioned in an error message (without a proper link to download or learn more).

Converting a 1.4 GB partition backup took 1.5 minutes.

EASEUS Convert Image

EASEUS Convert Image to VMware or Virtual PC

Todo Backup now also supports both hardware RAID disks as well as dynamic disks.

You can now also create backups of partitions directly from Windows Explorer.

EASEUS Windows Explorer Context Menu

EASEUS Windows Explorer Context Menu

As always, there are options to schedule automatic backups, mount the backup files to Windows Explorer, clone partitions, as well as restore a backup to a different hardware configuration.


EASEUS Todo Backup 3.0 is an excellent free tool to help backup your system to ensure your data is safe in case disaster occurs. It is certainly a giant step up from Windows Backup and is one of the best backup utilities I’ve seen with an extensive feature set and an unbeatable price (free).

If you’re looking for something to help you easily backup your important data, then this is definitely something you should try.


As mentioned above, readers of TechAirlines have an opportunity to win a free copy of EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation 3.0 ($39 value). The commercial Workstation version includes all the features of the free version as well as useful additions like system snapshot backups (similar to virtual machine snapshots) and automatic WinPE based bootable disks.

Bennie from EASEUS has generously allowed us to giveaway 5 free licenses to our readers.

To enter the giveaway, simply follow these steps:

  1. Read my review of EASEUS Todo Backup Free 3.0 above.
  2. Leave a comment below using a valid email address. This comment can say anything you want.
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It would also be greatly appreciated if you share this giveaway on social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, but this is not a requirement to win.

This giveaway will end on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 12:59 PM GMT.

5 winners will be selected via Random.org and contacted via email so make sure you comment using a valid email.

Thank you to Chengdu Yiwo Tech Development (EASEUS) for sponsoring this giveaway!

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you all for participating in the giveaway. The winners are…

EASEUS Giveaway Results

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That means the winners are Qpir, Richard, aarongud, Peter, and Alex! Congratulations on winning; you will receive an email from EASEUS shortly with your license key. Thank you all for entering!

What are your thoughts about EASEUS Todo Backup? Do you prefer another backup utility? Share with us in the comments.

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    Great free software – I appreciate a chance to win the Workstation version!

  • peter

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been looking for something more than the basic Windows Backup program for my Vista 64bit desktop nightly run to an external hard drive. Based on your review, and others, the EASEUS Todo Backup program looks like a pretty good alternative/upgrade for me.

    Again, thanks.

  • Thomas

    Was looking around for an exact program like EaseUs, and fresh from the print I found this. Thanks for the review! Now may my (r)aid-0 system feel safe at last :P

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  • Richard

    Thank you for the review of EASEUS Todo Backup… I just completed a system rebuild on my home PC and would really like to find a USER FRIENDLY Backup software that fit the needs of a home user. (me) Thanks Again. Richard…. Albuquerque New Mexico.

  • s c rego

    Looks like an excellent backup software. The system snapshot feature is new !
    would definitely like to have a copy of it.

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    It looks simple but versatile. A useful review of an interesting program.
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  • aarongud

    This is exactly what I need to clone my hard drive. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • http://www.sosonlinebackup.com Randy

    Do they have Unlimited file versioning?

    • http://www.creastery.com Creastery

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there is unlimited file versioning.

  • Warren Brooks

    Just purchased and installed Acronis True Image Home 2012. Was not impressed. I saw EaseUS ToDo mentioned in the Acronis Forum and gave it a try. ToDo is so simple and straight forward I am using it to replace Acronis. Good job EaseUS.

    Thank you

  • Richard

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    • http://www.techairlines.com Brian Yang

      See the updated post above. :)

      Winners will be contacted directly by EASEUS. Thanks for participating in our giveaway!

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  • Archiproman

    Great review! I’m inclined to download the free version. One question, if I may: will Easeus Todo Backup still allow me to back up, in the same network and to the same drive with Time Machine on my Macs? My network has two Macs and 2 PC’s. Your comment will be appreciated. Thanks!

    • http://www.techairlines.com Brian Yang

      Hello, Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, EASEUS Todo Backup shouldn’t cause any problems with other backup utilities such as Time Machine.

  • Archiproman

    Thanks for the answer! I read somewhere that EASEUS Todo Backup 3 should back up on pc’s using Windows 7 Home Premium, even though that system won’t allow you to back up to a network. Is this true? Thanks again for you opinion.

    • http://www.techairlines.com Brian Yang

      Hi again. Yes, EASEUS should be able to back up normally, although I haven’t tried backing up to a network myself yet.

  • Michael

    EaseUs ToDo is very easy to use but all of the comments have related to the backup procedures. It’s when you come to recover your system that you find out how good the software is.

    Having worked in the IT industry for 37 years, I have heard lots of people say that they have a good backup system but when it came to recovery, they often had problems. Has anyone tried a recovery of their PC?

    If anyone has, lets have your comments please. If not, is anyone brave enough to give it a try?

    Don’t want to be a pessimist but please, someone try recovery and let us know how it goes.

    • Aaron Brown

      I’ve used the last few version and had to do a recover on a windows 8 machine since my charm bar quit working (before 8.1) and restored and was as good as the day it was backed up. I also did a restore on another computer due to an issue and it also restored without a problem. I can say that for the money, it’s hard to get better than this. I’d have no issues recommending this to anyone.

  • petcomp

    Do not use this software! It damaged alcohol 120%. If you try to access any images that were backed up with advanced server…it will prevent you from doing any further differential backups with advanced server. The recovery disk does not give you an option to do a backup. This software is very bad with dirty little secrets! Use drive image xml, simple & slow, but just forget about all these other freebies that trip you up all over!