Create Folders by Drag and Drop with Smart Folders

iOS, Android, and OS X’s Launchpad lets you create folders simply by dragging and dropping two apps on top of each other. Ever wanted to bring this same ease of use to the Windows desktop? With an app called Smart Folders, you can easily organize different files into folders by dragging and dropping.

When you first start the app, there is a button to install it. This will then restart Windows Explorer, completing the installation.

Smart Folders Install

Smart Folders Install

Now, to create a folder, simply drag a file on top of another. Multiple files can be dragged at once.

Smart Folders Drag

Dragging and dropping to create a folder

A window will then popup asking to name the folder.

The Smart Folders window also has an option to register specific file extensions to deal with situations where dragging and dropping files would open the file.

To uninstall, simply click the Uninstall button on the main interface.

What do you think of Smart Folders? Have another tip for managing Windows folders? Share with us in the comments.

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