WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode?

When you visit your WordPress blog, are you greeted with this message on just about every page, including wp-admin?

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is in Maintenance Mode

This is most likely caused by an ongoing upgrade or a failed upgrade of a plugin, theme, or WordPress itself. WordPress automatically turns on maintenance mode during upgrades to prevent errors from occurring. However, if something goes wrong during the upgrade, the process just stops and therefore, never gets to the last step, which is turning off maintenance mode.

So now your blog is stuck in maintenance mode. You can’t view it, or even log in. Don’t worry though, maintenance mode will automatically turn off in 10 minutes.

But of course, every second of downtime means loss of traffic, so how do we disable maintenance mode right now? Simple.

Log into FTP and delete the file /public_html/.maintenance.

Delete Maintenance File - FTP

Delete the maintenance file through FTP

Alternatively, you can log in to your host’s control panel and delete it through the File Manager. Make sure you have hidden dot files shown.

Maintenance cPanel

Delete the maintenance file through cPanel or your host's control panel

That’s it. Once you have done that, maintenance mode should be off and you could start enjoying your traffic again! And of course, figure out what happened and try that upgrade again.

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    Nice. This was a life saver!