Using Captcha on your Contact Forms

Captcha Tests

Do you own a website with contact forms? If so, I am sure you won’t want your email address to be harvested by spammers, right? Now, how do we actually secure the email address? One solution is a Captcha. Captcha is a type of test to ensure that the visitor on your site is not […]

Your First Application – Celestial Chaser 2

Previous Celestial Chaser: Introduction to Java Code Today, our journey will consist of creating a simple Java application in Netbeans.  We will start our way from looking at the structure of source code, then moving on to installing Netbeans and writing your very first program. As I was saying, the basis of all Java is […]

Introduction to Java Code – Celestial Chaser 1

I Need YOU - For Java Development

Java is a multi-platform programming language.  Code can be written once on a computer, compiled, and then be run on any device that has Java installed on it.  This is the main aspect that makes Java appealing to programmers.  For beginners, however, Java’s simplicity stands out from the other programming languages. For those of you […]

Introducing Celestial Chaser


TechAirlines is proud to welcome Celestial Chaser, our newest aircraft, to our fleet.  Celestial Chaser will be taking flight with a new article every Saturday with fellow Pilot Spaceblue as your host.  It will focus on introducing and strengthening basic Object-Oriented Programming skills through the use of the Java programming language.  We hope that you […]

Netbeans: One IDE, Multiple Languages

Netbeans Interface

Netbeans is an IDE for multiple programming languages, such as C++, Java, JavaFX, Ruby, and PHP.  You will need the correct compilers to work with Netbeans for the multi-language support to work.  Netbeans offers many advanced programming features, such as creating a “Swing” graphical user interface program in Java, and auto-correcting of imports and other […]

Object Oriented Programming with Greenfoot

Greenfoot's Interface

Java is an Object Oriented programming language.  “Hold on, what’s Object Oriented?” will be the first response from most people who are not familiar with programming.  Object-Oriented means that the programming language is based on “objects”, blocks of code that can be reused after they are written.  Greenfoot is an IDE, or interactive development environment, […]