BDlot DVD ISO Master – Backup Your DVDs [Review]

Review at a Glance

  • Software Name: BDlot DVD ISO Master 2.0
  • Company: LotSoft
  • Price: Free

The Good

  • One click, very easy to use.
  • Ability to preserve the quality of the original video.
  • Works on just about any DVD.

The Bad

  • No notifications of completion when running in the background.
  • Seems to use a decent amount of CPU.
  • Not possible to downsize video.
Review of BDlot DVD ISO Master 2.0

Do you need to backup your DVD collection for free? Is a DVD you’re trying to watch incompatible with your player (maybe because the regional format is incorrect)?

We previously reviewed and gave away an unlimited license key to BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate. LotSoft also offers another product, which also serves to backup DVDs, except this one is free.

BDlot DVD ISO Master helps convert any DVD to an ISO file as well as burn any ISO file onto a DVD.

Disclaimer: As with my previous review, only use this on DVDs you legally own. In addition, check with your local copyright and fair use laws before using this on commercial DVDs. We do not endorse the use of this program on protected commercial DVDs.

The download is a 2.5 MB zip archive that contains nothing but the 2.9 MB installer. The install takes less than a minute.

The application features one window separated by two tabs: DVD to ISO and ISO to DVD.

Simply select the Source DVD and then select where you want the ISO to be saved. There are also options to remove certain copy protections and regional codes , as shown by the screenshot below. When you’re done, click the big blue Run button.

There are no popups or notifications of any kind during the process, not even when its completed.

BDlot DVD ISO Master

BDlot DVD ISO Master - DVD to ISO Tab

It took approximately 8 minutes to convert a 1.5 hour long DVD. The output size is exactly the same as the original, which is good, but it would be nice to be able to downsize the video too (in case the video is too large to fit on standard DVDs).

I didn’t have a blank DVD to use so I just mounted the ISO onto a virtual drive. The video was able to be played perfectly with the same original quality, which is impressive.

The next tab is for burning an ISO to a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray. Of course, since this isn’t limited to DVDs, the program doubles as a regular ISO burner.

BDlot DVD ISO Burner

BDlot DVD ISO Burner

That’s all there is to BDlot DVD ISO Master.


BDlot DVD ISO Master is an excellent and easy to use tool to backup your precious DVD collection. It does exactly what is promised. It is able to preserve the quality of the video without changing the size of the video file and works on just about any DVD. I recommend giving it a try for yourself, especially since it’s freeware.

What are your thoughts about BDlot DVD ISO Master? Have a better tool to suggest? Share with us in the comments.

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