Backup DVDs with BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate – Review and Free License

Do you need to make a backup copy of a personal DVD? Is your DVD format incompatible with your device (does the device even support DVDs)? Whatever the reason, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate may be able to help. It normally costs $29.95, but as a reader of TechAirlines, you can get a license key for free.

We’ll get back to the free license later, after the review.


This program itself is legal. It’s what you do with it that may or may not be legal.

Of course, copying personal (self-created) DVDs is legal. However, the same may not apply to commercial DVDs, which typically have copy-protection. The law is unclear on this since Fair Use allows this for your own use only, however the DMCA states that breaking the copy-protection for any purposes is illegal. Of course, you have to actually own the DVD.

TechAirlines does not endorse the use of this program on commercial DVDs.

About Product

Product Name: BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate
Publisher: LotSoft
Version Reviewed: 2.0

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 98 and higher
Tested using: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

Full Review

When you first open up the application, there will be options to either backup an entire DVD or to just backup certain titles and chapters.


BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate Interface. Screenshot above by LotSoft.

Backing up an entire DVD gives an option to save it to an ISO file or directly onto another DVD, which would require a secondary DVD burner. You can also choose to remove copy-protection like DVD region code, CSS encryption, and UOPs (see disclaimer above about this).

Backing up certain titles gives options to save a whole title, individual chapters, the video only, or the audio only. The program only converts to mpg (video) and ac4 (audio only) files. More format options would be useful.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate

BDlot is able to copy over subtitles as well.

BDlot Process

Copying a DVD

I tested this with a DVD that is 2 hours long with a resolution of 720 by 480. BDlot was able to finish the process in less than 15 minutes, which is very impressive. The quality of the output video is perfect at the same original 720 by 480. The file size was 3.15 GB. LotSoft claims it uses GPU acceleration to speed up the process.

Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Easily rip from almost all DVDs.
  • Copying process is extremely fast.
  • Ability to perfectly retain subtitles and quality.
  • Easy to use and understand.

The Bad

  • Lack of conversion format options. Only .mpg video and .ac3 audio file types available.


The final score is calculated using our weighted average system.


Doesn’t really have many options, particularly with output formats. But nevertheless, it does a great job with the cloning, maintaining the original quality.

Ease of Use:

Generally straightforward to use. A detailed help guide with screenshots is provided.


DVDs can be processed within several minutes. Only consumes 20 MB of RAM during usage.


It depends on how many DVDs you actually own and need to store on your computer or backup.


The price is $29.95, which is comparable to similar products out there.


The appearance is somewhat plain and the window border doesn’t look very great on newer operating systems.

Final Score:

Final Verdict

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is a great easy to use DVD ripper that can easily rip any DVD in very little time. If you need to make a backup of a DVD you own, I recommend giving this a try, but please note my disclaimer above.

TechAirlines Review of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate


And now… the free license.

We are able to provide our readers with an unlimited license key. Simply download the program from their website and enter the following license key when asked: BU-TXUWTUTH-OHQZXJ. Activate it before August 1, 2011.

Thanks LotSoft for providing us with this license key! Enjoy!

What are your thoughts about BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate? Have a better app to suggest? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Edwin

    woow this is nice piece of burning software. I like it a lot. It is high time we abandoned Nero Burning Rom and Roxio software. :) great replacement. Thanks

  • Frank Andrew

    This is an easier one way to do and set my DVD for ripping in a short time this is some improved and different from Nero and work more fast.