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Spaceblue is TechAirlines' chief graphics designer and co-founder. In his free time, he likes to program in Java, admire architecture, and tackle NP-complete problems.

TechAirlines member since August 6, 2009

Closing Notice

Goodbye to Geocities

Remember that old site owned by Yahoo that allowed for amateur users to create their own pages? Many of us may have played around with it when we were younger, creating our first little web pages.  Yahoo bought Geocities in 1999 for approximately 3 billion dollars, and has now shut its Geocities site down on […]

Windows 7

Windows 7: First Looks

Windows 7 was officially released to the general public a few days ago on October 22nd. There’s no doubt that many of us have gotten our hands on a copy, or that many of us have seen many screenshots of this new operating system, but here is an article for those who haven’t.

Random Wallpaper

Reverse Image Search: TinEye

Have you ever found a wallpaper you really liked, but it had a smaller resolution than your computer screen? TinEye is a reverse image search engine. Well you ask, what in the world does that mean? You can input an image into TinEye, tiny or large, and then search for other images that are similar […]

PUbuntu Open

Portable Ubuntu Remix

Portable Ubuntu Remix is essentially a portable Ubuntu operating system that runs directly in windows. Download it here (the DOS release 4). The download size is around 450 mb, and when fully installed, it will be around 3.8 gb. Toss this to the side and return home if you don’t have enough disk space or […]

Random Text

Sample Text In Microsoft Word

This handy tool inserts random sample text into Microsoft Word. This text is generally used as a placeholder for text or to test how words look on Word. Sure, this feature won’t really be used that often, but it is still fun to look at. Before You Begin Difficulty: Easy Time Needed: <10 Seconds Skills […]


Chrome 3.0 is out of Beta!

Our beloved browser, Google Chrome 3.0, is finally out of its beta testing stages.  Nothing has changed that much from the beta version, so you can look at this post to see other pictures and other features of the new Google Chrome that may not be mentioned in this article. So, what would be the […]

Labor Day (US) Update

Happy Labor Day (US)  and Labour Day (Canada) to everyone!  The Tech Airlines pilots are proud to announce that our site has been running successfully for more than a month. So, do you like Tech Airline’s progress?  Well if you do, and wish to support us, the Tech Airlines pilots have created new Tech Airlines banners […]

Netbeans Interface

Netbeans: One IDE, Multiple Languages

Netbeans is an IDE for multiple programming languages, such as C++, Java, JavaFX, Ruby, and PHP.  You will need the correct compilers to work with Netbeans for the multi-language support to work.  Netbeans offers many advanced programming features, such as creating a “Swing” graphical user interface program in Java, and auto-correcting of imports and other […]

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