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Creastery is a developer and one of the founders of TechAirlines. He enjoys almost everything about technology, including animations, programming, web development and also honing his hacking skills at several challenge sites.

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Using Captcha on your Contact Forms

Captcha Tests

Do you own a website with contact forms? If so, I am sure you won’t want your email address to be harvested by spammers, right? Now, how do we actually secure the email address? One solution is a Captcha. Captcha is a type of test to ensure that the visitor on your site is not […]

Google Marks and Celebrates Issac Newton’s Birthday

Google's Doodle for January 4, 2010 honoring Issac Newton's birthday

Today,  Google marks and celebrated one of the world’s greatest scientists, Sir Issac Newton’s birthday (according to Julian Calendar) with Google Doodle. Using the famous theory of gravity (an apple falls down a tree due to gravity), Google Doodle presents it with a tree and an apple. Happy Birthday Sir Issac Newton!