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ZAGGkeys FLEX Stand

ZAGGkeys FLEX Tablet Keyboard [Review]

Do you frequently type on a tablet? If so, you would probably agree that typing on a tablet isn’t nearly as easy as typing on a normal keyboard.

With a tablet (or smartphone), just any keyboard isn’t going to work. You’ll need a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. In addition, while you could get a generic Bluetooth keyboard, there are many options available that have special function keys designed specially for mobile operating systems, like iOS and Android.

One keyboard in particular is the ZAGGkeys FLEX.


ABC’s iFactory Takes a Rare Look Inside Foxconn

As you may be aware, Apple’s labor practices in China have been under heavy criticism in the recent months. A lot of the criticism came after the news of multiple suicides at the Foxconn factory and deadly explosions on the iPad production line. At the same time, no news reporter has ever been allowed to step foot into the factory, until recently.

In a special edition of ABC Nightline cleverly named “iFactory” that aired on Tuesday, Bill Weir gives viewers a special look inside the factory and shares the responses various executives, employees, and family members provided to his questions.


Google Releases Gmail for iPhone, Discontinues it for BlackBerry

Google often operates in strange and inexplicable ways. Perhaps its strangest behavior exists in its dealings with two rival smartphone platforms, iOS and BlackBerry.

A few weeks later, right around the time of the re-release, Google also announced that it was discontinuing support of its Gmail for BlackBerry app. Its reasons for both are strange.


3 Simple Ways to Do Everything Faster on a Mac

In the last few years, Apple’s Macintosh operating system has captured significant market share.

Propelled in part by the popularity of Apple’s ubiquitous iPhones and iPads, more people than ever are giving up their PCs in favor of the Mac platform. While the Mac’s biggest selling points account for why many make the switch – near-invincibility from viruses, fewer crashes, etc. – there are some basic Mac features that many long-time users may still not be aware of.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

According to a statement issued by Apple less than a hour ago, Steve Jobs has passed away today, at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs had stepped down from his role of CEO of Apple a little over a month ago mentioning that he would no longer be able to properly meet the duties and expectations required from him as CEO.

Both Apple fans and haters agree, Steve Jobs was a visionary and has without a doubt made a lasting impact on the industry. There is no one who could possibly replace him.

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