Apple Launches iPad Mini, Fourth-Generation iPad, and More

iPad Mini Image

As expected, Apple unveiled a smaller 7.9 inch iPad mini today. In addition, Apple updated the regular iPad, which is now being called iPad with Retina Display, unveiled a redesigned iMac, and launched the 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

3 Simple Ways to Do Everything Faster on a Mac


In the last few years, Apple’s Macintosh operating system has captured significant market share.

Propelled in part by the popularity of Apple’s ubiquitous iPhones and iPads, more people than ever are giving up their PCs in favor of the Mac platform. While the Mac’s biggest selling points account for why many make the switch – near-invincibility from viruses, fewer crashes, etc. – there are some basic Mac features that many long-time users may still not be aware of.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 Peeks Into the Future

Firefox 4.0

The non-profit Mozilla has just released the first beta of the next generation of Firefox earlier today. Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 features a brand new user interface, support for multiple new future web technologies including enhanced HTML support, WebSockets, and a more aggressive update schedule. This marks Mozilla’s first release of their plan for the […]

Say Hello to Opera 10.50 – The King of Speed

Opera 10.50

Last Thursday, Opera released a public beta of the next major release of the Opera browser, and declared it as the fastest browser on earth. Opera 10.50 introduces many new features including a simpler interface getting rid of the menu bar, like other browsers are doing, private browsing mode, Windows 7 integration features such as […]

How to Truly Browse Without Leaving a Trace

Firefox Private

Do you want to browse the web without a trace? Easy! Just use your browser’s Private Browsing Mode! Wrong! So “private” mode isn’t really “private”? Well, in a way, no, it’s not. Even in Private Mode, you’re still leaving traces behind. Isn’t Clearing the Browser ‘Private Data’ Enough? Modern browsers contain a feature known as […]

Clear DNS Cache to Fix Browsing Issues

DNS Error

Are you getting a handful of server not found or DNS Errors when you know the server is not down and your network connection is working fine? When you browse the internet, your internet browser looks up the DNS Records of each website you visit in order to connect to the website’s server. To save […]

MacHeist nanoBundle: 6 Free Mac Apps

MacHeist nanoBbundle

Are you a Mac user looking for some deals on software? Well look no further. MacHeist is offering a bundle of six applications: ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitterific, Tinygrab, Hordes of Orcs, and Mariner Write. Except for Mariner Write, they are free from the start. Mariner Write will only be unlocked when there are 500,000 participants in […]