Introducing Celestial Chaser

TechAirlines is proud to welcome Celestial Chaser, our newest aircraft, to our fleet.  Celestial Chaser will be taking flight with a new article every Saturday with fellow Pilot Spaceblue as your host.  It will focus on introducing and strengthening basic Object-Oriented Programming skills through the use of the Java programming language.  We hope that you […]

The Internet

How to Search the Net like a Pro

This is a guest post by Amanda from Review Heaven. The Internet, or the information superhighway as it is known by many people, is the perfect partner for all of people’s computing needs and other paperwork. The Internet knows no boundaries and therefore it is available for everybody to use, especially since it is made […]

Google Instant

Google Instant – Search for a New Generation

Remember Google’s live-updating doodle as well as the animated particles? As expected, these were leading up the major update to Google. Live-updating results as-you-type as well as search query predictions. With Google Instant, results dynamically appear as the user types so they can quickly interact and click through content they’re looking for. In addition, Google […]

Google Logo

Google Animated Particles Logo

Google has had countless beautiful and fun logos (known as doodles) in the past to celebrate special occasions, from Newton’s Apple to Pac-man, but today’s logo is by far one of the most interesting. The logo is animated and reacts based on the mouse pointer. Try moving your mouse closer to it and you will […]

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