Windows 7 RC Automatically Reboots on March 1st

Windows 7 Logo

Are you still using the Release Candidate of Windows 7, which was publicly released on May 5th last year? Users of Windows 7 RC are probably aware that it will start automatically rebooting every 2 hours starting March 1. Windows 7 RC officially expires on June 1, 2010 however the system will nag users during […]

Free Real Domain Name Like Services


Are you using a service like Blogger/Blogspot or Tumblr. Tired of having long domain names like or In addition, the domain is blocked by some ISPs including China. The solution to that is publishing to a custom domain, which many services including Blogger and Tumblr allow you to do for free, without […]

Introducing the Tech Airlines Forum


Have a question about a post we published? Need help with your computer issues or web design problems? The Tech Airlines Community Forum is here to help. If you were around on Tech Airlines back in August to October when we were first launched, you may have noticed the Tech Airlines Forum. In September, the […]

Zip Files Without Unzipping Your Wallet (First Class Flyer)


File compression is very useful for storing or sending large files or distributing multiple files in one download package. The most popular compression format would be Zip however that is in no way the only format available. Ubuntu supports many different archive formats natively with the Archive Manager and additional plugins and packages provide support […]

Exclude Your Own Visits from Google Analytics by Cookie


Google Analytics is a great free website statistics tool. However, do you really want your own visits to be counted? Since you, as the owner of the website, are likely to visit your own site a lot, it would probably be best to exclude your own visits. It provides an easy option to exclude internal […]

A Secure Comodo Dragon Version of Chromium

Comodo Dragon

Web users need more than a browser that is lightweight and fast. They need one that is secure and that’s why the security company Comodo launched a new browser named Comodo Dragon. What’s the browser based on? That’s right, the open source Chromium (Google Chrome). A Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Chrome’s […]

Say Hello to Opera 10.50 – The King of Speed

Opera 10.50

Last Thursday, Opera released a public beta of the next major release of the Opera browser, and declared it as the fastest browser on earth. Opera 10.50 introduces many new features including a simpler interface getting rid of the menu bar, like other browsers are doing, private browsing mode, Windows 7 integration features such as […]

The True Meaning of Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Hosting from

If you ever visited the websites or seen the ads for the top rated shared web hosts, you would have noticed most of them advertise ‘Unlimited Disk Space’ and ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ along with Unlimited everything else also. This is a very common marketing tactic and can be slightly misleading. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth are […]

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