Limit Unnecessary PHP Queries to Speed Up WordPress

PHP is a very fast server side scripting language that is often used for dynamic content such as blogs including Tech Airlines. However, themes often contain many unnecessary PHP queries, especially those that are publicly distributed. Queries often request information from the database and even though its very fast, excessive requests could significantly slow down […]

Firefox Private

How to Truly Browse Without Leaving a Trace

Do you want to browse the web without a trace? Easy! Just use your browser’s Private Browsing Mode! Wrong! So “private” mode isn’t really “private”? Well, in a way, no, it’s not. Even in Private Mode, you’re still leaving traces behind. Isn’t Clearing the Browser ‘Private Data’ Enough? Modern browsers contain a feature known as […]

Firefox 3.6

Firefox 3.6 is Now Available

The much delayed release of Firefox, 3.6, is finally finalized and available for download. So what’s new? Here are some highlights of this new release: Personas: Instant themes known as Personas is now integrated into Firefox with no add-ons needed. Simply head to the Personas Gallery and hover over a theme to preview it. Click […]


Blogger Finally Welcomes Static Pages

Do you use Blogger? My earlier comparison between Blogger and WordPress showed that Blogger did not support static pages. This was useful for creating, for example, a ‘Contact Us’ page or an ‘About Us’ page.  To create static pages in Blogger, users usually create a post and change the publish date to something really old. […]

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