McAfee Mobile Security

Top 4 Security Apps You Should Definitely Check Out

It’s only normal that you want to be well informed before downloading a security app for your mobile.

I had the same idea, so this is what I did – I followed up lists of big firms that actually DID the research and figured – I’ll install a few and give each a week of trial run. After my personal research was over, I then sat and wrote down this blog. I really hope it will be helpful to all of you guys who were once unsure which app to go for.

Interior Design

Interior Design Apps to Bring Out Your Inner Decorator

When it comes to decorating rooms and designing spaces, wouldn’t it be great if you could create a visual image of it first, before investing in expensive furniture or buying a bunch of accent pieces in a specific color?

Especially when you’re contemplating something a little off the beaten path or experimenting with your color palette, being able to picture the end result (literally!) before embarking down an uncertain road would be priceless, right?

Fortunately, you can! Smartphone apps that allow you to become your own interior designer are getting better every day and many of them are price “less”…as in, they’re free!

Perhaps the best part is that the technology isn’t exclusive to design professionals and interior decorators. So, before you waste one more old-school minute creating sketches that are inevitably not to scale, check out a few of these apps that allow you to hold the power of a professional designer in the palm of your hand.

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